Services We Offer


StartupRAK ASL can provide a one stop service to get your business venture up and running within minutes. Our expertise will eliminate the administrative bottleneck to allow you to focus on pursuing the main vision of your business. We are more than happy to discuss any aspect of you business with you.


ReturnThe responsibility of ensuring that yearly statutory accounts are prepared and submitted to Companies House and HMRC on specific dates is that of the Directors. There are penalties levied on organisations for late filings as well as using the wrong format to file the accounts.
At RAK ASL, our team of experts will take that extra burden of meeting statutory reporting off you thus giving you the peace of mind and satisfaction you desire to see your business grow and flourish.


Self AssessmentMany individuals struggle to understand the statutory requirements of self assessment tax returns and most frequently complete them incorrectly. The frequently changing legislations results in difficulties for individual businesses (Sole proprietorship and partnerships) to make the appropriate returns at due dates. The risk of incurring penalties through failing to complete returns within the time frame is very high. At RAK ASL, your precious time and money will be saved when we handle your business affairs.


PayrollWe offer a computerised payroll bureau service to deliver employee weekly and monthly pay slips and the preparation of year end returns.
RAK ASL can provide your business with monthly and year end reports such as P32, P60, P14, P35 P11D etc. We can administer new employee records and leavers documentation, calculation of sick/maternity/paternity pay and student loan repayment.


Business PlanWe provide management accounts to all establishments. We can assist in the production of business plans and financial forecasting for external funding, profit extract advice, operation budgeting, internal controls etc.
Your establishment can also outsource your sale invoice department to RAK ASL to prepare and issue invoices to your business customers.


CharityWe have highly trained personnel with all aspects of charities administration experience to help in the not-for–profit sector of the economy. At RAK ASL, apart from providing solutions to the stringent governance and reporting requirements of the charity commissions, we can assist in every aspect of your charity including the handling of the gift aid administration of your charity by preparing and managing your donations and making claims on your behalf.


Business LettersWe have a team of highly skilled personnel who can assist with the writing of business letters on your behalf as well as writing to support documentation of your business.